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Minnesota Urolith Center app is free

Log into the app using the same email and password used for your online laboratory account view the status of recent submissions. One click allows easy retrieval of reports and recommendations wherever you may be—in the clinic or on the go!

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Highlighted feature

CALCulator function provides real time statistical comparisons of mineral types for dogs and cats matching your patient's signalment.

New - CALCuRad function allows you to upload a radiograph of your canine patient to help determine if dissolution is possible.

Use of CALCulator  and CALCurad functions do not require an online account or login. MN Urolith App predictions are based on signalment and radiographs provided by veterinary clinics and quantitative urolith results of samples submitted to the Minnesota Urolith Center. Urolith composition may be complex. These tools are meant to assist with mineral prediction and are not intended to replace urolith analysis by quantitative techniques.

Additional features

  • View the status of patient information, a sample in transit, a sample received, and analysis underway
  • View completed results!
  • View Recommendations your way: either a concise version that helps you plan prevention strategies or a detailed version which explains the science behind the prevention strategy
  • Available in multiple languages.