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What we do

The Minnesota Urolith Center provides free quantitative urolith analysis to over 89,000 patients a year.

Our mission is to enhance the quality and quantity of life of all creatures. We are committed to the development of noninvasive methods that will consistently and safely cure and prevent diseases of the urinary system. Our mission encompasses compassionate utilization of contemporary science to provide the level of care that we would select for ourselves.

Our services

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Urolith analysis

Prepare, package, ship, and track urolith samples using our free analysis services. Your veterinarian is in the best position to interpret results and partner with you to provide the follow up care.

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Recommendations contain diagnostic and therapeutic goals, as well as favorable foods, to reduce the risk of stone recurrence. Recommendations are available in multiple languages on our app.

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Image of the Month

Can the appearance of canine uroliths reveal its composition?  Learn more...


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Online laboratory access

Our online laboratory provides easy data entry with pull-down menus, printable packing slip and address label, e-mail alerts of sample receipt and analysis completion and much more. Create your account now and submit samples today!