Community medicine initiative

The University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, in partnership with local animal welfare groups, aims to create an innovative model to care for the animals within our communities. In addition to supporting community health, this process will train the next generation of veterinarians to provide responsive and responsible veterinary care to the entire community.

Our vision

Owner holding dog while vet student clips the dogs nails

Focus on preventive and early intervention veterinary services

In resource-limited environments, people often do not have the opportunity to seek veterinary care until there’s a crisis.  We aim to improve access to routine veterinary care and early triage of medical and behavioral concerns.

This program will empower pet owners to maintain health and wellness for their animals, and keep animals healthy and in their homes.

veterinary student observes  a surgery

Training future veterinarians to be effective advocates and practitioners

Animals living in communities with barriers to accessing veterinary care often belong to people who also face many barriers to supporting their own health.

This program will provide future veterinarians with the tools and knowledge to advocate for their clients and work successfully in these environments.

Student in PPE holding a puppy at a community clinic event

 In resource-limited communities, supporting animal health and wellness can improve the lives of animals and their people.

Our goals

A student and teacher operating on a pet

Create an innovative model of companion animal care by integrating community medicine competencies into existing coursework while also expanding immersive learning opportunities through community partnerships.

Two students weighing a dog

Create an integrated approach to training veterinary students in community medicine, building a more holistic approach to teaching veterinary medicine that includes skills like cross-cultural communication, creative thinking, partnership building, and resource identification.

A student with a huskey puppy

Showcase a local model for community medicine that incorporates veterinary care, veterinary student training, and animal welfare into the broader community health plan.

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