Reporting bias or sexual misconduct

We are committed to a safe and welcoming environment for all

The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is committed to providing a safe environment free from harassment, discrimination, bias, and sexual misconduct, which includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. We have no tolerance for discriminatory language or actions that create a hostile environment or that prevent any member of our community, our clients, and our stakeholders from being respected and represented in our community of scholarship, learning and work.

What to do if you've experienced or witnessed misconduct

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Start by contacting someone you trust in CVM

Anyone can file a report if they encounter or suspect incidences of bias, discrimination or sexual assault. You can start by contacting someone you trust: a supervisor, advisor, human resources specialist, CVM mental health advocate, or administrator. These individuals will assist in coordinating an appropriate response.

You may also initiate an anonymous report via the Bias Response and Referral Network

You also may initiate an anonymous report via the Bias Response and Referral Network. The network, along with other campus partners, responds to bias incidents on the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus. You may report bias incidents by:

Another anonymous option: contact UMN Ethical Advocate, an independent third party portal

The UMN Ethical Advocate is an independent, third party portal that can protect your privacy. This service will route the communication to the correct University office(s). Your identity remains hidden to the university office(s) notified by the advocate.

For sexual misconduct, an option is to contact the U's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office

The Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office is available to address sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, nepotism, and retaliation.

For possible criminal offenses, contact the University Police Department

If your concern is criminal in nature, you have the option of pursuing criminal charges. If you have questions, contact the University Police Department at 612-624-2677 for immediate assistance.

The U's Office of Conflict Resolution can help resolve conflict

The University's Office of Conflict Resolution offers both informal and formal to non-bargaining unit University employees as well as students who experience employment-related conflicts. University students have an additional resource for resolving conflicts that are not related to employment. Visit the Student Conflict Resolution Center.