Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee

This committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and students representing all areas of CVM, and are charged with enhancing awareness and developing a comprehensive, systemic approach that fosters a collegiate learning and work environment representative and appreciative of race, ability, sexual orientation, and other identities of difference.

College of Veterinary Medicine Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DNIC) includes faculty, staff, and veterinary and graduate students representing all areas in the College of Veterinary Medicine. DNIC implements plans to improve diversity in the College of Veterinary Medicine to make the college and hospital inclusive to all. Initiatives by DNIC included the CVM Diversity Strategic Plan and ongoing college DEI training.


  • Ex-Officio: Elizabeth  Martinez-Podolsky
  • Faculty co-chair: Katey Pelican, (2024) 2 yr. staggered term, co-chair
  • VCS faculty: Lauren Bernstein, (2025) 3 yr. staggered term
  • VCS staff Co-chair: Jessica Marrone, (2023) 2 yr. staggered term, co-chair
  • VPM faculty: Brady Bergin, (2023) 3 yr. staggered term
  • VPM staff: TBD 3 yr. staggered term
  • VBS faculty: Rob O’Connor, (2024) 3 yr. staggered term
  • VBS staff: Liz Miller, (2023) 3 yr. staggered term
  • Academic student affairs: Sally Lightner, (2025) 3 yr. staggered term
  • DVM student rep: Cristina Blanco, (2023) 2 yr. staggered term
  • Graduate student rep: Sydney Phu, (2024) 2 yr. staggered term
  • PostDoc/Intern: TBD

AC Diversity council

Led by the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the AC Diversity council is composed of select department and unit leaders that meet biweekly to discuss college DEI affairs, university DEI strategy and development, and provide support and leadership to the college Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

AC Diversity consists of:

  • David Brown, Interim chair of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
  • Erin Burton, Senior associate dean of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Victoria Hall, Executive director, The Raptor Center
  • Laura Larson, Human resources Director 
  • Elizabeth Martinez-Podolsky, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Martin Moen, Director of Advancement
  • Laura Molgaard, Dean 
  • Ned Patterson, Director of Graduate Studies 
  • Katey Pelican, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Research Collaborative
  • Julia Ponder, Associate dean for External Partnerships and Engagement 
  • Montse Torremorell, Interim chair, Veterinary Population Medicine