• Standing CT scan at Leatherdale Equine Center

    Philanthropic support gives Leatherdale Equine Center new standing CT and NICU

    These new additions, made possible by a generous gift from Louise Leatherdale, will elevate the level of care offered by LEC on multiple levels.

  • porcine virus image

    New $3 million grant helps researchers tackle porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus

    University of Minnesota scientists are collaborating to look at how PRRS virus evolves to understand disease spread, and advance mitigation and control efforts.

  • Deer in the woods with CWD Watch logo in bottom left corner

    CWD outbreak and research calls for new educational resources

    Center for Animal Health and Food Safety launches online tool for tracking and understanding recent chronic wasting disease research.

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Current news

As the dairy industry looks to reduce antibiotic use, dairy farmers have partnered with researchers to look at the common practice of administering antimicrobials to cows with intramammary udder infections at the end of lactation. This practice, known as dry cow therapy, is a large contributor to antibiotic use on dairy farms. Researchers from the University of Minnesota collected samples from 80 herds from 10 dairy states to determine the different types of bacteria causing intramammary infections at dry off.

Scientists respond to call from state legislators to roll out translated resources and customized educational programming for Minnesota’s many cultural contexts.

Recent research into antibodies may lead to more effective vaccinations and treatments for devastating viral infections.