• Johnson's lab team

    For University scientists, a new strategy to tackle Salmonella

    College of Veterinary Medicine researchers are gaining a better understanding of the genetics of Salmonella in an effort to get ahead of outbreaks. Read more.

  • Two arabian horses

    A lucky break

    Veterinarians race against the clock to save newborn foal from deadly infection. Read more.

  • Alyssa Betlach

    Fellowship provides opportunity for swine researcher to take her work to the next level

    Many teenagers find themselves behind grocery checkouts and restaurant counters when it comes to taking on a part-time job in high school. Alyssa Betlach found herself working among 1,500 sows at a local swine farm near her hometown of Owatonna, MN. Read more.


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The best way to mitigate foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks is to find it quickly—to reduce the time between suspicion of an outbreak and confirmation. But current testing methods require samples be sent to diagnostic laboratories—a costly and time-consuming process.

The current standard of surveillance of foreign animal disease in the U.S. relies on cooperative producers and practitioners to gather and send suspect samples to approved labs based on their best judgements.


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