We touch the global swine industry through multiple outlets including the annual Leman Swine Conference held in St Paul, our Swine Disease Eradication Conference (SDEC) workshop and monthly research report.

Our Friday Science Page included in the weekly report from the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project (MSHMP), and most recently through our Leman China Swine Conference. Our mantra is "science-driven solutions" as we work hard to deliver new knowledge that is backed by research conducted by us and our colleagues around the world.

Through the Leman Conference, we invite you to submit research abstracts, some of which will be presented orally in a research preconference session and the remainder presented as posters. In addition, we will have approximately 100 scientists and practitioners sharing their latest findings and discussing how to put them into effect.

We invite a few of our Leman speakers to accompany us to Nanjing, China. There we hold our annual Leman China conference attracting close to 2,000 members of the Chinese swine industry. We learn about their industry, their recent problems and how they are managing health and production challenges. We exchange recent research findings and experiences with the goal of reducing health challenges in the global swine industry.