Centers & programs overview

pig looking over a fence

Center for Animal Health and Food Safety

The Center for Animal Health and Food Safety improves global animal health, food safety, and public health by building veterinary public health capacity, providing risk assessments and policy summaries, facilitating collaborative research, responding to emerging foreign animal diseases, and delivering relevant outreach.

Cat's face held by a pair of hands

Clinical Investigation Center

The Clinical Investigation Center develops and facilitates veterinary clinical trials and translational research studies which may lead to new drugs, devices, procedures and treatments for the benefit of animals and humans alike. The CIC provides scientific and clinical expertise, facilities, technical staff, and overall study coordination.

Student and pet owner at a community clinic event

Community Medicine Initiative

This partnership aims to create an innovative model to care for the animals within our communities. In addition to supporting community health, this process will train the next generation of veterinarians to provide responsive and responsible veterinary care to the entire community.

Girl drinking water from an outdoor spigot

Global One Health Initiative

Through the Global One Health Initiative, the university is building collaborations with local and global partners who share a common goal in creating innovative solutions to tackle complex problems crossing human, animal and environmental health. 

cows at a feed station

John Fetrow Dairy Education Center

The John Fetrow Dairy Education Center is an academic facility and program of education and research that is merged into a commercial dairy committed to producing high-quality milk, economic success, environmental stewardship and outstanding animal welfare.

Equine Center's horse, Hercules

Leatherdale Equine Center

The Leatherdale Equine Center provides clinical services for horses, cutting-edge research, equine veterinary education, and classes and community events. Each year, the Center's clinics, research, and outreach programs help more than 1,000 horses. 

A urolith

Minnesota Urolith Center

The Minnesota Urolith Center is committed to the development of noninvasive methods that will consistently and safely prevent and cure diseases of the urinary system. The Center has received over one million uroliths for analysis.  

Three swine program pigs

Swine Program

Engaged in research, teaching, service, and outreach, the Swine Group is focused on swine health and production, disease control and eradication, and animal welfare to improve swine health in Minnesota and around the world.

An American kestrel

The Raptor Center

The Raptor Center rehabilitates around 800 sick and injured raptors each year, while helping to identify emerging environmental issues related to raptor health and populations.