Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Veterinarian talking with owner and her husky in the waiting room of the Lewis Small Animal clinic

The Veterinary Clinical Sciences Department is dedicated to providing quality instruction to veterinary students, interns, residents, and graduate students. 

We strive to improve the health of companion animals through educating veterinarians, providing medical and surgical services, and generating new knowledge and best practices through research.

Veterinary students watching an instructor and her computer


Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS) faculty are integral to the education of the many types of learners we have in the College of Veterinary Medicine. VCS faculty teach in both classroom and clinical settings and have an opportunity to teach third- and fourth-year veterinary students, small animal interns and residents, and students in the veterinary medicine and comparative and molecular biosciences graduate programs.

anesthetized golden retriever on an operating table with a gloved hand on the head


Faculty and staff are actively involved in clinical and basic research. Research benefits both animals and humans in Minnesota and beyond and is central to the mission of the University of Minnesota as a land grant institution.

Vet examining a dog


VCS faculty provide a full array of clinical services in the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center. In addition, faculty offer consultation, continuing education programs for practicing veterinarians, access to care and education through community medicine outreach programs, and educational opportunities and events available to the public.

Dr. Carlson Cropped Photo

Department Chair

Cathy Carlson, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Professor, Pathology, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)

Research interests: orthopaedic diseases in animals and humans; osteochondrosis in swine, dogs, and horses; osteoarthritis; osteoporosis; diskospondylitis