Graduate students

Education for graduate students

Masters and PhD

MS and PhD students in VMED are engaged in research related to swine health, production, and welfare. They study infectious and zoonotic diseases, the development of diagnostics, therapies as well as elimination strategies, virology and bacteriology, and epidemiology and biosecurity, among other areas of research. The application process starts on-line and scholarships are available.

Graduate students fellowships

Three Fellowships, the Morrison Fellowship, the Carlos Pijoan Fellowship (pdf) and the Leman Fellowship are available at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine to pursue a MS or a PhD in the areas of swine production and medicine.

The goal of these fellowships is to train the next generation of specialists in swine health and production to conduct applied research on the transmission, diagnosis, control, and elimination of economically significant diseases of swine. Fellows will join a vibrant and passionate group of faculty and graduate students devoted to tackling significant problems that impact swine and human health.

Throughout the course of study, students will spend significant time in the field, interacting with industry leaders, building networks, and gaining insights into the issues challenging the global swine industry. The combination of graduate training and exposure to the industry will position students to assume leadership roles in animal agriculture in the areas of teaching, research, and service.

Interested candidates must apply to the University of Minnesota VMED graduate program by mid-December, and submit a letter of intent for the fellowships and copy of CV to Montse Torremorell.