Receiving results

Notification of available results

If your clinic is set-up for email transmission you will receive an email: 

  • After the sample information is entered  
  • When the sample is opened at the laboratory  
  • When results are completed

Hint: Help save paper – if your clinic is still signed up for fax transmission– log in at, go to the Account tab - then My Clinic and adjust your settings for correspondence.

Average turn-around time is listed on the homepage at

How to find results?

How to find results (pdf)

To find the results, login to our website - and select “Samples” in the top navigation bar, then “History”.  This page will list the status of all samples under your clinic account submitted in the last 365 days.

Once you see the “VIEW Results” link under the actions column, you can click to see results.

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What to do while waiting for results?

Dietary recommendations

More and more, pet owners are partnering with their veterinary team to determine appropriate diets for their pets.  In some cases, the pet may have multiple medical conditions in addition to urolithiasis.

The Minnesota Urolith Center recommendations which include optimum dietary characteristics for management of urolith patients can be found under mineral-specific treatment recommendations .

Other diets may be appropriate.  However, we have not performed appropriate studies on home-prepared diets or on many commercial diets regarding their efficacy in the treatment or management of urolithiasis.  If a home-prepared diet is being considered, be aware that some individual ingredients may be higher in calcium, oxalate, purine, etc.

Information about how to contact and consult with a veterinary nutritionist (pdf)

For further assistance view the printable guide (pdf) with images, visit our FAQ page or email us