Shipping a sample

The Minnesota Urolith Center does not provide containers or prepaid mailers. Any shipping, duties, or customs inspection charges are the responsibility of the shipper. Domestic samples can be shipped via US Mail or through your preferred shipper.

Sending specimens by a carrier that provides tracking may minimize transit delays. If shipping via USPS, visit to calculate the appropriate postage for parcel size and weight.

To confirm that the sample was received, log in to your account at our online laboratory and select “Samples” in the top navigation bar, then “History”. For further assistance, view the printable guide with images (pdf), visit our FAQ page or email us.

Step 1

  • Print out the packing slip and address label. Verify that owner/patient names on specimen container and paperwork match.
    • If you notice an error, write the correction on the submission form. We will correct the data when we receive the sample.

Step 2

  • Place the specimen container in a plastic bag, use one staple to attach bag to the back of the submission form -or- use a two pouch plastic bag. Place the sample in the Ziploc portion. Place the folded submission form in the outer pocket with the barcode facing out.

Step 3

  • Place the sealed plastic bag containing the specimen vial, packing slip, and packing material in a sturdy outer box.

Step 4

  • Secure with packing tape. Adhere the address label (second page of packing slip) to the outside of the package if needed

Within the USA

Packages can be shipped via USPS*, FedEx, UPS, or your preferred carrier.   How to ship within the USA (pdf).  If shipping via USPS, visit to calculate the appropriate postage for parcel size and weight. 

Not in the USA?

Contact your regional Hill’s Pet Nutrition division/distributor for instructions/assistance with shipping. You are responsible for all shipping, customs and duties costs. You are responsible for including required import documents. How to ship outside the USA (pdf)