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Recognizing urinary tract disease in the time of COVID

Taking a pet to the veterinarian during a pandemic has created new challenges.

Is seeing a veterinarian necessary? Can I wait? What is the best way to communicate my concerns? Here are several tips to make this pandemic easier to manage for pets even after the pandemic has ceased.

Some supplies you will need

  • A smart phone: Take a picture or movie of your pet urinating. Include the size and location of the urine accident, and the color of the urine.
  • A soup ladle: This is a great tool to catch a midstream urine sample in dogs. Walking dogs outside the veterinary clinic while waiting to get inside may induce your dog to urinate. Urine is an important sample to evaluate. Assist your veterinarian by bringing in a clean urine sample. Collect it when you leave the house. Store it in a clean container with a lid.
  • Urine dipsticks: Urine test strips are inexpensive, purchased online, and can detect blood in 60 seconds. Blood is one of the most common signs of urinary tract disease, and an indication that your pet should see your veterinarian sooner than later.
  • Motion activated camera: in multiple cat households, it is difficult to see who is urinating inappropriately. Motion activated cameras can catch the culprit in the act so that you know which pet to bring in for care.

See a 20 minute webinar for more information

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