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Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department Fund

This fund supports educational outreach and other initiatives of the Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences department.
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Sam Maheswaran

Samuel Maheswaran Graduate Fellowship

VBS Emeritus Professor Samuel Maheswaran contributed to microbiology research and teaching in the College of Veterinary Medicine and served as VBS Chair. Dr. Maheswaran's research led to the design of a small molecule inhibitor/ peptidomimetic capable of preventing leukotoxin binding and the ensuing signaling leading to leukocyte activation and inflammatory response in the bovine lung. This fellowship supports graduate students engaged in large food animal research.
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Michael Murtaugh Graduate Science Fellowship

VBS Professor Michael Murtaugh was a prominent swine immunologist and an advisor for many of the College's graduate students. As part of Dr. Murtaugh’s legacy, former CVM Dean, Trevor Ames and colleagues in VBS and CVM created a fellowship that will continue his legacy in promoting scientific training and education for the next generation of graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and swine health specialists.

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Minnesota Center for Prion Research and Outreach (MNPRO) Fund

This fund supports the research and outreach efforts of the Minnesota Center for Prion Research and Outreach MNPRO, which brings together UMN faculty and external collaborators with expertise to address prion diseases, animal health, cellular biology, nanotechnology, and infectious disease.

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grad students

Pomeroy Legacy Scholarship

The Pomeroy scholar fund is named after Professor Benjamin S. Pomeroy, who was the Chair of the Department of Veterinary PathoBiology. His research accomplishments laid the foundation for the control and eradication of several diseases of turkeys, including avian influenza and coronavirus. He is recognized nationally and internationally. The Pomeroy Legacy scholarship provides funding for students enrolled in the College’s graduate programs who are completing their doctoral research in VBS laboratories.

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Weber, Al with Goldy

Alvin F. Weber DVM/PhD Scholarship

VBS Emeritus Professor Alvin F. Weber was involved in the development of the College of Veterinary Medicine almost since its foundation in 1947. Dr. Weber’s research focused on cytology, ultrasound and cytogenetics in relation to reproductive and hematopoietic systems. This scholarship provides funding to support veterinary students pursuing the Ph.D. degree in one of the College’s two graduate programs.

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