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Education Day collage 2024

VBS Highlights from CVM Education Day 2024.

Kannan, Mathur

The VBS Department is saddened to announce the passing of VBS Professor Emeritus Mathur Kannan.

Cox, Vic

The VBS department is saddened to announce the death of VBS Professor Emeritus, Dr. Victor Cox.

Tuskegee museum

Dawn Foster-Hartnett and Kent Reed attend an anti-bias anti-racism workshop at the Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama.

A cartoon star-shaped trophy

VBS faculty, staff, and trainees receive awards for excellence in the fields of research, teaching, and service.

Two men standing in a laboratory facing the camera while another man stands in the background with a pipette

Peter Larsen and  Jonathan Oliver discuss their research using portable sequencing technology to identify tick-borne viruses in the field.

A group of people standing in a line in front of a whiteboard

A MnDRIVE Mini Symposium was hosted in March 2023 to bring together individuals to discuss foodborne outbreaks of Salmonella.


Dr. Chidiebere Onoh joins the laboratory of Dr. Roberta O'Connor through the Infectious Disease and One Health program (IDOH).


Dr. Roxanne Larsen, Marc Schwabenlander, and the MNPRO team have developed 3D models of deer and bovine heads for testing and training.


Dr. John Collister and his team investigate a cluster of nerves in the hypothalamus, which helps direct the body’s blood pressure.