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The awards from the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station will support research on arthritis reovirus and influenza A.

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On Feb. 27, CVM will host an interactive panel tackling the ethics of using artificial intelligence (AI) in research. 

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A recent study offers new tools for the elimination of M. hyopneumoniae in U.S. herds.


Findings will have immediate ramifications for livestock husbandry practices & will advance theoretical understanding of virus behavior.

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New insights into the prevalence & persistence of intramammary infections can help farmers safeguard the health & productivity of herds.

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A new study shows liver function during the late stages of pregnancy may determine which cows develop ketosis during lactation.

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The platform will make PRRSV genetic data more interpretable to support better disease management practices 

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2023 Resident and Graduate Student Research Grant funding has been awarded as of July 1.

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This study's findings can guide local and global efforts to combat the highly contagious viral disease.


Twelve research projects recently awarded $1.2 million in funding through the CVM intramural Internal Grants Program.