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Expertise in comparative physiology helps to bridge an important gap, paving the way for clinical trials

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U of M researchers use electronic medical records to understand how veterinary prescribing practices can be improved.

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The study seeks to understand how the GI microbiome and urinary metabolome might be implicated—and is a first step to better treatments

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2023 Resident and Graduate Student Research Grant funding has been awarded as of July 1.


Twelve research projects recently awarded $1.2 million in funding through the CVM intramural Internal Grants Program.

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Researchers identified a genetic variant linked to sudden cardiac death in puppies—it may hold a key to predicting the condition in humans

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Researchers are working to better understand why gastrointestinal injury is so common in working dogs––and how to prevent it.

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The Summer Scholars program introduces CVM graduate students to research in veterinary medicine

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Up to 20 percent of large and giant breed dogs develop osteosarcoma in their lifetime. Most cases aren’t found until they’re advanced stage.

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Seven CVM projects recently received funding through the Rapid Agricultural Response Fund (RARF) for the 2024–25 biennium.