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Samples are collected from a mouse

Rodents often share spaces—and diseases—with humans. Research reveals how the microbes they harbor depend on where a mouse lives.

Susan Arnold

Susan Arnold’s research brings new inspiration to a legacy of progress at the Canine Brain Tumor Program.

Panelists discussing AI

An expert panel discusses opportunities and concerns surrounding ethical AI use in research.

Racehorse and jockey running on a track

The genetic factors related to fracture risk have been difficult to isolate—until now.

Cross-section of kidney with stones and mineralization

Their work has implications for our understanding of chronic kidney disease, too.

Skinner Lab

The Skinner Lab team graciously agreed to sit down to answer interview questions about their HIV and Prion Disease research.

Thunder the golden retriever sits on a ledge in the snow

The study brings together researchers from the U of M CVM, Masonic Cancer Center, and Medical School.


The awards from the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station will support research on arthritis reovirus and influenza A.

RIDE Seminar Series Logo

On Feb. 27, CVM will host an interactive panel tackling the ethics of using artificial intelligence (AI) in research.