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Cows grazing

New insights into the prevalence & persistence of intramammary infections can help farmers safeguard the health & productivity of their herd


Expertise in comparative physiology helps to bridge an important gap, paving the way for clinical trials

Brown cow

A new study shows liver function during the late stages of pregnancy may determine which cows develop ketosis during lactation.

2023 Summer Scholars

The 2023 scholars conducted a broad range of research, gaining crucial skills and experience

Tick on leaf

Research shows how a new type of DNA sequencing can be used to get a real-time picture of the dangerous bacteria ticks are carrying

Kim VanderWaal

The platform will make PRRSV genetic data more interpretable to support better disease management practices 

cat and dog in grass

U of M researchers use electronic medical records to understand how veterinary prescribing practices can be improved.

Petting cat

The study seeks to understand how the GI microbiome and urinary metabolome might be implicated—and is a first step to better treatments

A man wearing a white lab coat and a black glove holds up two tubes and points to them

CVM researcher Stuart Lichtenberg brings unique perspective to the MNPRO team

Many brown roosters standing together

Bacterial strains that coevolved with poultry are more likely to be effective—a finding that may also have implications for other species.