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There’s evidence a disease called deformed wing virus (DWV), most often found in honeybees, may transmit to bumblebees if a diseased honeybee leaves the virus on a flower that a bumblebee later visits.

One of the initial samples tested positive, meaning the easily communicable disease which is viable for years in the environment was now present on county land, threatening a large white-tailed deer population and the multimillion dollar economic benefit it feeds.

Unlike conventional antibody drugs under development, Nanosota-1 can be produced at high yields and remains stable across wide temperature ranges—making it cost-effective to manufacture, transport, and store.

The researchers will expose eagles to an array of natural and synthetic stimuli in controlled environments and log behavioral responses to develop an ideal acoustic deterrent that would result in an eagle veering from its flightpath.

The unmitigated discharge of antibiotic compouds from hostpitals, wastewater treatment plants, and other types of facilities plays a role in the emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), one of the leading modern threats to animal, human, and ecosystem health.


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