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Additional training

Ampudia Mesias, Elisabet, PhD (CMB) (2020)
Advisors: Michael Olin and Liz Pluhar
Subsequent position: Postdoc, Dept. of Pediatrics, Univ. of MN

Hayer, Shivdeep, PhD (VMED) (2019)
Advisors: Andres Perez & Julio Alverez
Subsequent position: Post-doc position, Univ. of Nebraska

Kaushi Kanankege, PhD (VMED) (2019)
Advisors: Dr. Andres Perez and Dr. Nick Phelps
Subsequent position: Post-doc with Dr. Perez and Dr. VanderWaal

Picasso, Catalina, PhD (VMED) (2019)
Advisors: Andres Perez & Julio Alverez
Subsequent position: Post-doc position, Univ. of MN with Andres Perez

Resende, Talita, PhD (VMED) (2019)
Advisors: Connie Gebhart & Fabio Vannucci
Subsequent position: Post-doc, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Wang Haiguang, PhD (CMB) (2019)
Advisors: Kristin Hogquist
Subsequent position: Post-doc position, Univ. of Pittsburgh with Dario Vignali’s lab

Irene Bueno Padilla, PhD (VMED) (2018)
Advisers: Dr. Randy Singer and Dr. Dominic Travis
Subsequent position: Post-doc position, Univ. of Minnesota with Dr. Randy Singer

Liang Guo, PhD (CMB) (2018)
Advisers: Dr. Paul Bohjanen and Dr. Irina St. Louis
Subsequent position: Post-doc position, Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD

Hadia Mohammad Abdelaal, PhD (VMED) (2018)
Adviser: Dr. Pamela Skinner
Subsequent position: Post-Doc, Pennsylvania State University

Hamada Aboubakr, PhD (VMED) (2017)
Adviser: Dr. Sagar Goyal
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral associate in Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Katie Anderson, PhD (CMB) (2017)
Adviser: Dr. Jaime Modiano
Subsequent Position: Dual DVM/PhD student completing DVM curriculum

Eugene Nwaokorie, PhD (VMED) (2017)
Advisers: Dr. Jody Lulich & Dr. Carl Osborne
Subsequent Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Minnesota CVM

Michael Rahe, PhD (CMB) (2017)
Adviser: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Subsequent Position: Veterinary Pathology Resident, Iowa State University

Nandita Mirajkar, PhD (VMED) (2016)
Adviser: Dr. Connie Gebhart
Subsequent Position: Laboratory Research Scientist, University of Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health

Sian Durward-Akhurst, MS (VMED) (2016)
Adviser: Dr. Molly McCue
Subsequent Position: PhD program, Comparative and Molecular Biosciences, University of Minnesota

Catalina Picasso, MS (VMED) (2016)
Adviser: Dr. Andres Perez & Dr. Julio Alvarez
Subsequent Position: PhD Program, Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

Private Sector

Garrido, Jorge, PhD (VMED) (2020)
Advisor: Montserrat Torremorell
Subsequent position: Herd Health Manager, Pipestone Veterinary Services, Mexico

Korpela, Derek, DVM, PhD (CMB) (2020)
Advisor: Erin Dickerson
Subsequent position: Study Director, American Preclinical Services, Minneapolis, MN

Smeester, Branden, PhD (CMB) (2020)
Adviser: Dr. Branden Moriarity
Subsequent Position: Scientist, Artisan Biotechnologies, Colorado

Tan, Shaoyuan, DVM, MS (VMED) (2020)
Advisors: Michael Murtaugh and Cheryl Dvorak
Subsequent position: Bioinformaticist, St. Jude Childrens’ Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

Velasquez, Erika, MS (VMED) (2020)
Advisor: Fabio Vannucci and Connie Gebhart
Subsequent Position: Field Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ecuador

Young, Jordan DVM, MS (CMB) (2020)
Advisors: Michael Murtaugh and Cheryl Dvorak
Subsequent position: Postdoctoral Scientist, Zoetis, Kalamazoo, MI

Franzen-Klein, Dana, MS (VMED) (2019)
Advisors: Julia Ponder
Subsequent position: Staff Veterinarian at the Raptor Center

Kruthika Patel, MS (VMED) (2019)
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Godden
Subsequent position: Research Associate, Dairly Experts Inc., Tulare, CA

Natalie Barnes, MS (VMED) (2018)
Adviser: Dr. Kent Reed
Subsequent position: Research and Design, LabCorp, St. Paul, MN

Fabian Chamba Pardo, PhD (VMED) (2018)
Adviser: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Subsequent Position: Scientist, Pharmgate, St. Paul, MN

Elizabeth Groth, MS (VMED) (2018)
Adviser: Dr. Eva Furrow
Subsequent position: Small animal internist, Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado, Englewood, CO

Xi Guo, PhD (CMB) (2018)
Advisers: Dr. Carol Cardona and Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Subsequent position: Data Scientist, Travelport, Denver, CO

Amy Kinsley, PhD (VMED) (2018)
Advisers: Dr. Meggan Craft and Dr. Andres Perez
Subsequent position: Research associate position, Univ. of Minnesota

Shengbin Li, PhD (CMB) (2018)
Adviser: Dr. Pam Skinner
Subsequent Position: Senior Scientist, Beijing, China

Fernando Lopes Leivas Leite, PhD (VMED) (2018)
Adviser: Dr. Richard Isaacson
Subsequent position: Technical Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Junjie Shao, PhD (VMED) (2018)
Advisers: Dr. Yuying Liang and Hinh Ly
Subsequent position: Director of Research and Development, Pharmgate, St. Paul, MN

Grant Stoddard, PhD (VMED) (2018)
Advisers: Dr. Gerard Cramer and Dr. Sandra Godden
Subsequent position: Dairy Consultant, Cargill, Inc.

Sylvia Wanzala, PhD (VMED) (2017)
Adviser: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Subsequent Position: Research Project Specialist, OneHealth Workforce

Jisun Sun, PhD (VMED) (2016)
Adviser: Dr. Peter Davies
Subsequent Position: Bacteriology Laboratory Specialist, Minnesota Department of Health

Elizabeth Goudie DeAngelis, MS (VMED) (2016)
Adviser: Dr. Alice Larson
Subsequent Position: BluePearl Veterinary Partners, New York

Xiong Wang, PhD (CMB) (2016)
Adviser: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Subsequent Position: Sequencing and Bioinformatics Unit Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Health

Jyotika Varshney, PhD (VMED) (2016)
Advisers: Dr. Subree Subramanian & Dr. David Largaespada
Subsequent Position: Genentech, San Francisco, CA

Nichol Schultz, PhD (CMB) (2016)
Advisers: Dr. Molly McCue & Dr. James Mickelson
Subsequent Position: Analytical Consultant


Norton, Elaine (2020)
Advisor: Dr. Molly McCue
Subsequent position: Instructor, Arizona State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Rowe, Samuel, PhD (VMED) (2020)
Advisor: Sandra Godden
Subsequent Position: Faculty, University of Sydney Veterinary College

Elizabeth Coppelman, MS (VMED) (2017)
Adviser: Dr. Troy Trumble
Subsequent Position: Clinical Instructor, Large Animal Surgery, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Vachira Hunprasit, PhD (VMED) (2017)
Advisers: Dr. Jody Lulich & Dr. Carl Osborne
Subsequent Position: Faculty, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Whitney Knauer, PhD (VMED) (2017)
Adviser: Dr. Sandra Godden
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota CVM

Nitipong Homwong, PhD (VMED) (2016)
Adviser: Dr. John Deen
Subsequent Position: Faculty, Kasetsart University, Thailand