Participant instructions

Please make sure you have all the items on the Owner Checklist (pdf) before proceeding to the Muscle Disease in Horses Survey.

Helpful Materials for the Survey (Lameness section):

Instructions for Files to Upload to Dropbox (After the Survey):

United States of America (USA) Participants:

Shipping Address for Samples Within the USA:
Dr. Molly McCue, c/o Kendall Blanchard
225 Veterinary Medical Center
1365 Gortner Ave
St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

International Participants:

Shipping Address for International Samples (see How to Ship Samples Internationally with Import Permit (pdf)):
Dr. Molly McCue, c/o Kendall Blanchard
Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory
University of Minnesota
1333 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55108
When you are sending samples, please send us an email with the tracking number and items you sent ASAP.