Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite Courses

Applicants must complete specific prerequisite courses prior to enrollment in the DVM program. This includes courses in chemistry, biology, physics, math, English composition, and liberal education. All prerequisite courses must be graded at a C– or better and evaluated with A-F grading, unless only offered as pass-fail. A one-time exception to this policy has been granted for prerequisite courses taken spring 2020 and summer 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Courses with a grade of Pass (P) or Satisfactory (S) will be accepted for these two terms only.

Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program, Postsecondary Enrollment Options, and International Baccalaureate credits are acceptable if documented on an undergraduate transcript. Substitution of advanced courses and experience is typically not allowed. All math and science prerequisite courses must be recent within 10 years of the application deadline. Applicants may petition to have expired coursework considered if they can demonstrate significant use of course content within a current workplace, research setting, advanced degree program, etc. Please contact the admissions office at [email protected] for more details.

Prerequisite courses can be in progress during the fall and spring term of the application cycle but can include no more than five math and science prerequisite courses. Summer classes taken immediately prior to fall semester enrollment in the DVM program may not be used to complete prerequisite courses. Students granted admission with prerequisite courses in progress will be accepted provisionally and must complete all remaining courses with a C or better by the end of the spring term (June 15).

Questions about prerequisite courses? Please send us an email at [email protected].


Course Quarter Credits Semester Credits Requirements
English 9-15 6-10

One writing course and one additional English course, such as speech, literature, advanced writing, technical writing, etc.—
this requirement is normally satisfied by the graduation requirement at the applicant’s primary undergraduate institution.


Course Quarter Credits Semester Credits Requirements
Algebra, pre-calculus,
or calculus
5-8 3-5 College algebra, pre-calculus, or calculus
Statistics 5-8 3-5 Statistics


Course Quarter Credits Semester Credits Requirements
General w/ Labs 12-15 6-10 General inorganic chemistry including labs (three quarters or two semesters).
Organic 5-8 3-5

Organic chemistry non-terminal sequence (two quarters or one semester,
lab not required)

Biochemistry 5-7 3-5

General biochemistry emphasizing metabolic pathways and regulatory mechanism
Prospective students should have organic chemistry prerequisite substantially
meeting the preveterinary organic chemistry requirement (lab not required).


Course Quarter Credits Semester Credits Requirements
Biology w/ Lab 5-7 3-5 General biology introductory course with lab

Zoology w/ Lab

5-7 3-5

Introductory zoology course with lab

Second semester of a general biology sequence normally covers this requirement. Animal biology, cell biology, or animal physiology are also acceptable.

Genetics 5-7 3-5 Science of genetics, not applied or human genetics (lab not required)
Microbiology w/ Lab 5-7 3-5

Introductory microbiology with lab

Prospective students should have chemistry prerequisite and must include taxonomy, morphology, physiology, and ecology of microorganisms.


Course Quarter Credits Semester Credits Requirements
Physics 12-15 6-10

Introductory sequence

Topics covered need to include mechanics, heat, sound, electricity, light, magnetism, and atomic physics (labs not required).

Liberal Education

Course Quarter Credits Semester Credits Requirements
Liberal Education 15-20 9-12

Three courses total

This can be any class designated as a liberal education course or any class counted toward meeting the liberal education degree requirements at the applicant's primary undergraduate instiution.