Research news

Ninety-three percent of dairy cows receive an intramammary infusion of long-acting antimicrobials independent of mastitis infection status.

Though researchers have previously used the method to find CWD in various deer tissues and biological samples, this is believed to be the first time RT-QuIC has been used to analyze skeletal muscle tissues that are commonly consumed to look for evidence of CWD.

Risk assessment as an epidemiological tool can help drive transboundary disease mitigation strategies in the United States and across the globe.

One of the initial samples tested positive, meaning the easily communicable disease which is viable for years in the environment was now present on county land, threatening a large white-tailed deer population and the multimillion dollar economic benefit it feeds.

There’s evidence a disease called deformed wing virus (DWV), most often found in honeybees, may transmit to bumblebees if a diseased honeybee leaves the virus on a flower that a bumblebee later visits.