Research office

The mission of the Office of the Associate Dean for Research (OADR) is to empower College of Veterinary Medicine researchers to conduct important and innovative research that impacts animal, human, and environmental health.

Our mission

The OADR serves as a catalyst for enhancing the strength and vitality the College's research enterprise by:

Scientists in a lab

Strategically investing in CVM research and researchers

hands pointing to business charts

Increasing extramural research funding

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Enhancing the visibility of CVM research programs

Our team

Research committee

  • Peter Larsen, VBS (2026), Research Committee Chair
  • Kevin Lang, VBS (2025)
  • Yuyin Liang, VBS (2024)
  • Kent Reed, VBS, 2021-22 Past Research Committee Chair, (2023)
  • Sian Durward-Akhurst, VCS (2026)
  • Steven Friedenberg, VCS (2025)
  • Michael Conzemius, VCS (2024)
  • Eva Furrow, VCS (2023)
  • Luciano Caixeta, VPM (2026)
  • Declan Schroeder, VPM (2025)
  • Kimberly VanderWaal, VPM (2024)
  • Maria Pieters, VPM (2023)


  • Marissa Milstein (VBS/VPM)
  • Valeriia Yustyniuk (CAHFS/ VPM)

Ex officio:

  • Molly McCue, Associate Dean for Research

Ad hoc member:

  • Sandra Godden, Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Administrative staff:

  • Alex Dausch
  • Rebecca Warpeha