Iverson Bell Midwest Regional Diversity Summit

The future of veterinary medicine is here! Join us on our journey toward a better future for veterinary medicine!


Check back soon for more information on the upcoming 2024 Iverson Bell Summit hosted by the College of Veterinary Medicine.

A black and white photo of Dr. Iverson Bell wearing a suit smiling at the camera
Dr. Iverson Bell

The first Iverson Bell Regional Diversity Summit was held at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in partnership with Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2016. The focus of the 2016 Summit was disabilities. The Summit provided the opportunity to address difficult issues, share strategies, and identify recommendations, and evidence based practice. Further, the Summit provided participants with a rich understanding of the definition of the term disability and the surrounding terminologies, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and ways to include individuals with disabilities to create a competitive edge for academic institutions. The Iverson Bell Regional Diversity Summit has now been expanded to include other areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as well as become a host site for Midwestern Colleges of Veterinary Medicine

College Representatives
Elizabeth Martinez-Podolsky (University of Minnesota, host)
Richard Barajas (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Dr. Hilda Mejia Abreu (Michigan State University)
Maria Serrato (Michigan State University)
Laura Seymour (Michigan State University)
Anna May Thorpe (Michigan State University)
Sandra Dawkins (Ohio State University)
Sue Knoblaugh (Ohio State University)
Marsha Baker (Purdue University)
Monica Howard (Iowa State University)
Jessie Juarez (South Dakota State University)
Yvette Joyce Johnson-Walker (University of Illinois)

2024 University of Minnesota Iverson Bell Regional Diversity Summit Logistics Planning Committee 
Project Manager, Nicole Kast
Sara Mascari, Executive Administrative Assistant
Chris Dillon, Chief Operating Officer
Marty Moen, Director of Advancement
Kris Hayden, Alumni Relations Coordinator

2024 University of Minnesota Iverson Bell Regional Diversity Summit Content Planning Committee 
Project Manager, Nicole Kast
Rev. Rosemary Klass, Senior Veterinary Technician
Dr. Kim Demos Davies, DVM
Dr. Vesna Hampel-Kozar, Director of Student Wellbeing and Success
Dr. Lindsey Knox, DVM, Assistant Professor, Community Medicine