Osteosarcoma (OSA) amputation sample collection

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Principal Investigator
Jaime Modiano, VMD, PhD
Perlman Professor of Oncology and Comparative Medicine, Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Julia Medland, DVM
Veterinary Medical Resident
[email protected]


Andrea Chehadeh, CVT
Research Study Technician Specialist
[email protected]

Current status: Ongoing but enrollment closed

Study title

Genetics of Osteosarcoma

Purpose of study

The purpose is to determine why and how bone cancer happens in dogs, how it progresses, and how we can reduce treatment-related toxicities and improve survival with the highest quality of life. This study is designed for the researchers to learn more about how bone cancers are different and how they progress. This study is not designed to treat any illness or to improve your dog’s current health.

Eligibility criteria

Any dog receiving a fore or hind limb amputation at the University of Minnesota, Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) with suspected or diagnosed osteosarcoma.


We will obtain samples of tissue and tumor from your dog's amputated leg for research purposes. A portion of the tumor will also be submitted for routine histopathology to confirm diagnosis.


There is no costs for your dog to participate in this study. If you allow your dog to participate, there will be a $500 credit applied to your VMC account to defer the cost of surgery and/or pathology, but only if these procedures are performed at the VMC. Owners will be responsible for all other costs related to their dog's routine medical care, including all costs incurred outside the VMC.