Kent Reed, MS, PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Kent Reed


Office Address

301E Veterinary Science Building
1971 Commonwealth Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108
United States


Chair, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Professor, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences


PhD, Texas A&M University

MS, Fort Hays State University

BS, University of Minnesota

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As a research scientist and educator, I work to expand our knowledge base, answer important scientific questions, and relay that information to others. My research interests are in the study of genome structure, function and evolution. I support critical thinking, cooperative learning and a team approach to problem solving in the laboratory and classroom.


  • Biotechnology
  • Genomics
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Molecular Biology

Awards & recognition

  • Zoetis Award for Excellence in Research, CVM, University of Minnesota, 2014.
  • National Turkey Federation Research Award, Poultry Science Association, 2012.


Research summary/interests

My research focuses on the application of genomic resources for collaborative functional investigations in muscle physiology, immunology and toxicology. We use a comprehensive approach to investigate turkey muscle development and function as it relates to meat quality in the context of climate change. We also apply RNA-seq to better understand the metabolic and immunological responses of turkey to probiotic and aflatoxin exposure. These studies are aimed at mitigating the effects of mycotoxin contaminants in feed. Finally, I continue to be involved in efforts to improve the genomic resources for poultry and understanding of the turkey major histocompatibility complex.


Selected publications

Dr. Reed, PubMed


Academics interests and focus

My background in genetics/genomics and molecular and cell biology provide several opportunities for teaching and mentoring of students. I teach in several classroom settings with diverse groups of students. It is my goal as a university educator to provide the means to productive careers in science and inspire students to pursue further training and education.


  • VBS 1001 Introduction to Biotechnology, Instructor
  • CMB 8202 Mechanisms of Animal Health and Disease, Instructor
  • CVM 6992 Veterinary Genetics and Genomics, Instructor
  • POUL 5101 Living in a Microbial World and Raising Animals: The Poultry Perspective, Instructor