Erin Dickerson, PhD

Associate Professor, Oncology, Veterinary Clinical Sciences


Post-Doctoral, University of Wisconsin, Madison

PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

BS, University of California, Davis

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Research summary/interests

The long-term goal of our work is to design targeted therapeutic approaches that can cross the boundaries of both human and veterinary medicine. The laboratory has several lines of ongoing research that focus on targeted therapy using peptides in conjunction with novel delivery approaches. We are interested in developing targeted delivery strategies that overcome drug resistance of tumors and strategies that target the drivers of tumor formation and maintenance. One of the current projects focuses on identifying and isolating cancer stem cells from canine hemangiosarcoma cell lines and tissues. Once these cells are identified, studies will move toward identifying genes necessary for the survival of these cells since cancer stem cells are thought to be the main culprits behind tumor initiation and formation. Identification of specific genes will allow for the design of novel targeted approaches for this disease in dogs. In human medicine, one project in the laboratory deals with using peptides to target certain proteins overexpressed by ovarian tumors. Here to, we are looking at cancer stem cells from cell lines with the idea of designing novel targeted approaches to eliminate these cells. Targeted approaches include peptides alone, peptides conjugated to nanoparticle delivery vehicles, and the delivery of siRNAs.


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  • Oncology