Albert Rovira, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine (VPM)

Albert Rovira

Contact Info

[email protected]

Office Phone 612-625-7702

Mobile Phone 612-968-9275

Office Address:
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
1333 Gortner Ave, 230 VDL
Saint Paul MN 55108

PhD, University of Minnesota

DVM, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

MS, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


Dr.  Rovira has been working as a large animal diagnostician at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (VDL) since 2008. His diagnostic service responsibilities include supervising diagnostic submissions to the VDL, managing specific client accounts, representing the VDL in collaborations with external partners and participating in the validation of new diagnostic tests.

Diagnostics is a fast-changing field and one of Dr.Rovira's priorities is to stay current in all aspects of diagnostics to provide the best solutions to the swine industry. For example, during the last years, there have been important changes in sampling techniques (with the wide acceptance of oral fluid samples), bacterial identification (with the introduction of MALDI-TOF technology) and viral discovery (with the application of next generation sequencing). Dr. Rovira's philosophy of diagnostic service involves personalized consultation on food animal diagnostics with an emphasis on utilization of the best diagnostic tools available. In addition to diagnostic service, his position includes a small research component (see publications on infectious diseases of swine below) and a small teaching component.


Research Methods/Techniques

Infectious diseases of swine; Surveillance of infectious diseases; Emerging infectious diseases