Aaron Rendahl

Associate Professor of Statistics and Informatics, College of Veterinary Medicine

Aaron Rendahl

Contact Info

[email protected]

Office Phone 612-301-2161

Fax 612-625-0204

Office Address:
295L ASVM Building
1988 Fitch Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108

Associate Professor of Statistics and Informatics, College of Veterinary Medicine

American Statistical Association

Ph.D. Statistics, 2008, University of Minnesota-Thesis: Graphical Methods for Determining Predictor Importance and Effect, Advisor: Sanford Weisberg

B.A. Mathematics and B.S. Physics, 2000, Bethel University-Graduated cum laude. Minor in Computer Science

Teaching Interests: Statistical applications and theory, including conceptual and introductory courses

Research Interests: Data analysis, mixed models, longitudinal data, statistical genetics, graphical methods and analyses, model combining, and statistical consulting.


I collaborate with researchers throughout the College of Veterinary Medicine on the statistical aspects of their research, including research design and grant proposals, data analysis and interpretation, and writing and editing of manuscripts.


Statistics, Informatics, Teaching



Current Courses
  • CMB/VMED 5915: Essential Statistics for Life Sciences
  • CMB/VMED 8910: Statistical Principles of Research Design
  • CVM 6906: Critical Scientific Reading
  • VMED 5910: Grantwriting

Previous Courses

  • CVM Summer Scholars Program
  • EPSY 8282: Longitudinal Data
  • STAT 4101-2: Theory of Statistics (Undergraduate Level)
  • STAT 4893W: Consultation and Communication for Students
  • STAT 5101-2: Theory of Statistics (Masters Level), Teaching Assistant
  • STAT 8801: Statistical Consulting