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Office of the Associate Dean for Research

The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is a pioneer and an internationally recognized leader in animal health research. We are uniquely positioned to provide solutions to current and emerging problems at the interface of animals, humans, and the environment that threaten animal and human health. These problems are global, interlaced, and complex, and require multidisciplinary integrated approaches that unify biology and medicine.

Our researchers aim to reveal and resolve the increasingly intertwined elements of animal and human health in our environment based on the concept of One Medicine and One Science. Exciting research is being conducted within CVM DepartmentsResearch Clusters, and across our three Signature Programs.  

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Research Day

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Points of Pride Research Day was held on October 2, 2019. The annual event celebrates the College of Veterinary Medicine's Signature Program research while honoring faculty, fellows, students and research partners who contribute to the advancement of biomedical sciences and veterinary medicine.  

Congratulations to all our 2019 Awardees

Zoetis Award for Excellence in Veterinary Research - Dr. Molly McCue
Mark of Excellence - Dr. Connie Gebhart
Distinguished Research Alumnus - Dr. Stephen Withrow, '72 DVM 
Distinguished Research Partner - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 

In addition, 10 posters were recognized with awards in the poster competition:

Summer Scholars

First place
Kenwyn Shriner, DVM student mentored by Peter Larsen, PhD, assistant professor, VBS
“Mobile real-time detection of tick-borne diseases using Nanopore sequencing”

Honorable mention
Gabrielle Robbins, DVM/PhD student mentored by Branden Moriarity, PhD, assistant professor, Medical School
“The efficacy of anti-Sema4D treatment on the tumor microenvironment in as orthotopic osteosarcoma mouse model”

Niamh Hart, DVM student mentored by Meggan Craft, PhD, associate professor, VPM  
“Seasonal variability in Florida panther epidemic outcomes; simulating a novel GI parasite on contact network models”

Comparative medicine

First place   
Patrice Witschen, PhD student in the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences program mentored by Kaylee Schwertfeger, PhD, associate professor, Medical School  
“Hyaluronan processing and function in the progression of breast cancer”

Honorable mention
Sara Osum, PhD candidate in the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences program mentored by David Largaespada, PhD, professor, Medical School  
“The role of NF1 haploinsufficient fibroblasts in Neurofibromatosis Type I-associated cutaneous neurofibromas”

Niki Wanner, PhD student in the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences program mentored by Chris Faulk, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Animal Science
“Effects of chronic cannabidiol (CBD) exposure on behavior, DNA methylation, and offspring coat color in the Agouti viable yellow (Avy) environmental biosensor model” 

Emerging and zoonotic diseases

First place
Ilya Slizovskiy, PhD student in the Veterinary Medicine program mentored by Noelle Noyes, DVM, PhD, assistant professor, VPM, and Jeff Bender, DVM, MS, adjunct professor in the CVM and professor in the School of Public Health 
‘Big data’ survey of integrative conjugative elements and associated cargo genes across thousands of bacterial genera 

Honorable mention
Anna Jaeger, PhD student in the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences program mentored by Matt Aliota, PhD, assistant professor, VBS
“Spondweni virus: An emerging threat?”

Frances Shepherd, PhD candidate in the Veterinary Medicine program mentored by Doug Marthaler, PhD, and Cheryl Dvorak, PhD, researcher 6, VBS  
“Application of B cell epitope prediction tools for elucidation of porcine rotavirus A antigenic sites”

Population systems

First place
Jessica Deere, PhD candidate in the Veterinary Medicine program mentored by Tiffany Wolf, DVM, PhD, assistant professor, VPM, and Dominic Travis, DVM, MS, associate professor, VPM 
“Assessing the impact of contaminants of emerging concern” 

Honorable mention
Anna Munsey, PhD candidate in the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences program mentored by Kim VanderWaal, PhD, assistant professor, VPM, and Andres Perez, DVM, PhD, professor, VPM
“Epidemiology of foot-and-mouth disease in Uganda: distribution, risk factors, and phylogeography”

Katherine Worsley-Tonks, PhD candidate in the Veterinary Medicine program mentored by Meggan Craft, PhD, associate professor, VPM, and Tim Johnson, PhD, associate professor, VBS
“Host and environmental predictors of antimicrobial resistance in urban mesocarnivores”

Post-docs, residents, technicians, etc.

First place
Venkatramana Krishna, postdoctoral associate in the Department of Veterinary Population Medicine (VPM)
“Development of monoclonal antibodies specific to Mycoplasma hyopeumoniae” 

Honorable mention
Hadia Abdelaal, postdoctoral associate in the Department of Veterinary and BIomedical Sciences  
“Location, abundance and persistence of CAR/CXCR5 transduced T cells within lymphoid tissues of SIV-infected rhesus macaques 

Igor Paploski, postdoctoral associate in the VPM
“Temporal dynamics of co-circulating lineages of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus” 

Research Ethics Statement

Research ethics at the University of Minnesota

We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work.

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