DVM/PhD and DVM/MS Programs

Veterinary scientists are increasingly important contributors to research in biomedicine, agriculture, ecosystems health, and companion animal medicine. Our combined DVM/PhD and DVM/MS programs offer rigorous training for careers at the interface between basic sciences and veterinary medicine, preparing students for academic or private sector careers in veterinary and biomedical research. By combining both training programs, graduates can complete both degree requirements in expedited time. You can choose either the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences or the Veterinary Medicine degree programs for your PhD or MS study.

What to expect

Graduates of our combined degree programs are skilled in both clinical veterinary medicine and in research. DVM/PhD training prepares you to be independent scientists capable of leading and directing hypothesis-driven research teams.   The DVM/MS program instills research aptitude and technical expertise for translational and applied scientific investigations. 

Plan of Study

DVM/PhD Program

Select either the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences or the Veterinary Medicine graduate program. There are then two options for formal DVM/PhD study. Under the concurrent option, you will complete the first five semesters of the DVM curriculum, then transfer to the PhD program. Following defense of your original PhD thesis, you will return to the DVM program to complete clinical training and degree requirements. Alternatively, you may complete all DVM requirements before entering the PhD program full time. You will be enrolled in our Veterinary Summer Scholars program each year to allow you to complete research rotations and identify an advisor. 

DVM/MS Program

Students will complete the DVM program before completing one additional year of MS research and coursework. Students should participate in the Veterinary Summer Scholars program to identify a project and advisor prior to year three of the DVM curriculum. 

Tuition, fees and funding

The concurrent degree option requires the student to complete the first five semesters of the DVM curriculum.  During your graduate research training, your advisor provides stipend and tuition support. Students who successfully complete the PhD requirements receive $10,000 each semester in tuition waivers for each of the four semesters of the DVM curriculum. Alternatively, students completing PhD or MS degree requirements after completing the DVM program are provided an enhanced stipend and tuition waiver during their final year(s) of PhD or MS study. You will also receive a stipend each summer you participate in our Veterinary Summer Scholars program

Application criteria

We seek outstanding, motivated students interested in all areas of biological sciences. To be considered for our DVM program, applicants must first be either selected for an interview or already be enrolled in the professional DVM program. Successful applicants will have prior research experience, demonstrate a passion for science, and express clear career goals.

Ready to apply?

Applicants who have been invited for an interview in the DVM program must also apply to the graduate program by December 1.

Please select either Comparative and Molecular Biosciences or the Veterinary Medicine graduate program for Fall 2020.

Applicants will need to assemble a resume, names and e-mail address of three people who can comment on your research skills, a personal statement related to research, unofficial transcripts or academic records from each secondary learning institution attended and TOEFL scores if applicable. A $75 to $95 fee applies. 

Interested students should contact Dr. Mark Rutherford, associate dean for graduate programs, at [email protected] for additional information and advice.