Population Systems Signature Program

The Population Systems Signature Program research promotes the health of livestock, wildlife, humans, and the environment.  

Population Systems Researchers
  • Understand, prevent, control, and eliminates disease within and between animal populations at the interface of animal and human populations
  • Veterinarians and scientists protecting and improving the welfare of animals
  • Increase food safety and security
  • Mitigate the impact of environmental changes on animal and human health
  • Collaborate across disciplines and Signature Programs 

Faculty Experts 

Maxim Cheeran
James Collins
Meggan Craft 
Marie Culhane 
Peter Davies
John Deen
Connie Gebhart
Sandra Godden
Sagar Goyal
David Halvorson
Timothy Johnson
Michael Murtaugh
Julia Ponder
Katey Pelican
Albert Rovira
Kent Reed
Fernando Sampedro 
Randall Singer
Jerry Torrison
Montse Torremorell
Dominic Travis
Scott Wells
Zheng Xing