Resources for Researchers

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InfoReady Review

The office of the associate dean for research subscribes to InfoReady Review, an online portal for managing internal competitions. Currently, we are using this platform for all internal grants programs with the possibility of expanding to other OADR business. 

All of CVM can access the UMN CVM InfoReady Review Portal at

All users should use their UMN x500 information for single sign-on access. For first-time users with no UMN x500, click Register in the top right corner of the portal to create an account. If you forget your password, you can click the Forgot Your Password? link under the Log In menu. Please do not register personal email addresses to this system. 

For help getting started contact our team at [email protected]

Funding & Collaborations

Internal Funding Opportunities at the University of Minnesota. 

Extramural Funding/Collaborations

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to collaborate? Find a list of coordinated funding opportunities at the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) website. This list features externally funded grant opportunities that require university coordination because the sponsor has limited the number of applications an institution is allowed to submit. Each posting has a link to sponsor specific information as well as detailed internal submission instructions.
  • Find collaborators at the University by searching the [email protected] database of faculty and staff experts. How to search the site and edit your profile.  

Shared Resources

CVM Shared Equipment

New for 2020: Please report your shared equipment on this form

This page is a work in progress, not a full list of available shared resources. Please contact [email protected] with any additions.

Other Equipment Resources
Biodale is a consortium of University of Minnesota research service facilities that offer state-of-the-art instrumentation and user-friendly, walk-in service and training. Each facility is staffed by specialized scientists and technicians. Facilities include: 

Comparative Pathology Shared Resource (CPSR)
The CPSR is part of the Cancer Center and offers histology, immunohistology, and pathology on a fee-for-service basis. Video on services provided

Research Toolkit

CVM Intent to Submit
Use this form to inform your pre-award specialist of your intent to submit a proposal.

CVM Proposal Routing Form (PRF) Questionnaire
Use this form to assist your pre-award specialist in filling out the Proposal Routing Form (PRF) that is required for proposal submissions.

Research Compliance
FY2020 Fringe Benefit Rates

Guide to Research Compliance

Policies & Compliance 
Sources for regulation, policy, procedure or guidelines that relate to sponsored research.

Research Resources - Information provided by the Office of the Vice President (OVPR) on applying for grants, commonly used forms (IACUC, IBC, IRB), compliance, grants and reporting, policies and procedures, subjects protection, technology transfer and IP and training opportunities.

Research Education Requirements - The University provides mandatory and supplemental training in ethics and regulatory compliance for any students, faculty or staff who are conducting or supporting research at the University. 

U of M Libraries & References Services
Health Sciences Libraries 
Provides reference services (literature searches, one-on-one research consultations, systematic review service). 
Veterinary Medicine Library 
The Veterinary Medical library's reference services staff can help with research questions, assist with searching MNCAT, MEDLINE, Pub Med, Animal Science and other databases. They can also provide in-depth instruction in the use of various manual and electronic information resources and refer researchers to appropriate information providers.