Research news

Commercial rehydration solutions are formulated to correct electrolyte abnormalities, dehydration, and blood pH levels, but most are also hypertonic—meaning they can lead to further fluid losses in the intestine and prolong recovery.

Ketosis, or hyperketonemia, is a disorder in dairy cows that often occurs during the weeks surrounding calving. 

The specific mechanism for how HIV-1 persisted during a host cell’s stress-response period had been unclear until now. The findings could open doors for improved HIV treatment.

The role of genetics and heritability in Border Collie collapse had been unknown. Now, University of Minnesota researchers have recently published findings from a study seeking to clarify the role of genetics in this complex disease by investigating its underlying genetic architecture.

The best way to mitigate foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks is to find it quickly—to reduce the time between suspicion of an outbreak and confirmation. But current testing methods require samples be sent to diagnostic laboratories—a costly and time-consuming process.