State provides $3.3 million for CVM research

June 5, 2019

Environmental Trust Fund to support five projects that CVM faculty are either leading or involved in. The largest project will develop a rapid and reliable diagnostic test for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). If successful, the $1.8 million, two-year effort will lead to a hand-held device capable of field testing a variety of substances for the presence of CWD. A rapid, field-based test would revolutionize efforts to control this contagious and deadly neurodegenerative disease that is spreading through Minnesota’s white-tailed deer population.

Other CVM-related research projects approved by the Legislature this spring include $500,000 to map habitat use and disease characteristics of urban carnivores like coyotes and foxes; $400,000 to continue studying the transmission of brainworm parasites between white-tailed deer and Minnesota moose; and $350,000 to better understand the use of Spruce Grouse as a sentinel species for forest connectivity. In addition, faculty are collaborating with Duluth’s Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory on a $250,000 project to quantify the exposure of Minnesota raptors to mercury and PFAS toxins.