Newly funded: Shine On project receives new funding to continue advancing on canine cancer

October 14, 2020

Canine hemangiosarcoma is a relatively common cancer in dogs, found in the inner lining of blood vessels. Hemangiosarcoma spreads silently and painlessly, making it difficult to detect until it becomes very advanced, and therefore difficult to treat. As part of the Shine On project, a group of University of Minnesota researchers, including Jaime Modiano, VMD, PhD, developed the Shine on Suspicion (SOS) blood test to identify dogs at higher risk of developing this cancer. The researchers also created a drug called eBAT, which has the potential to eliminate hemangiosarcoma before it forms a tumor, effectively providing a new approach to cancer prevention. Recently, the team received new funding to measure the accuracy of the SOS test in predicting a dog’s risk for hemangiosarcoma and to examine the efficacy of eBAT. In this continuation of Shine On, 208 presumably healthy, golden retrievers, boxers, and Portuguese Water Dogs that received the SOS test will be followed for the duration of their lifetime. As part of the study, a group of dogs will receive eBAT for the strategic prevention of tumor development. Dogs in the study will also be monitored for any other cancers or chronic health issues. This follow-up study allows the researchers to establish the test’s accuracy at predicting hemangiosarcoma risk and to measure the outcomes of treatment using eBAT on dogs determined to be at risk. Considered world experts in canine hemangiosarcoma, the team will gain additional knowledge about predicting risk and successfully preventing and managing this cancer affecting so many dogs. The American Boxer Charitable Foundation, the Golden Retriever Foundation, the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation, and the AKC Canine Health Foundation generously provided $270,000 for this four-year project that started in August of 2020.