New CVM micro press releases

June 19, 2019

Aggregating published research from all corners of the College

The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) plays host to various scientific experts who collaborate, innovate, and publish regularly. The CVM communications and research offices have been seeking new approaches to increase communication about the CVM’s research to stakeholders both inside and outside of the college. “Research Round-ups” are one of the formats we hope to use to get the word out about exciting research at the college.

The goal with these micro press releases is to communicate a very high-level overview that encapsulates the major findings of a recently published paper. These short summaries will be shared on various communications channels at the CVM to garner interest from the press. 

The following micro press releases elucidate research that was published recently at the CVM.

Identifying factors contributing to disease in farmed Chilean salmon
Can canine osteosarcoma be a research model that impacts human outcomes?
Identifying the risk of bird flu in Argentina
Tracking how disease spreads among Serengeti lions
How is climate change affecting our food supply?
How can we feed 11 billion people by 2021?