Graduate student profile: Jessica Deere

April 2, 2019

Name: Jessica Deere
Hometown: Sikeston, MO
Degree pursuing: PhD, Veterinary Medicine
Advisor: Tiffany Wolf, DVM, PhD, and Dominic Travis, DVM, MS
Thesis: Fish as indicators of ecosystem health: assessing the impact of contaminants of emerging concern

Why are you passionate about the research you are doing?
I'm passionate about using an ecosystem health approach to investigate health dynamics at the human-wildlife interface. I'm currently pursuing that interest by evaluating fish health and contaminants of emerging concern at sites with different types of anthropogenic impact here in Minnesota.

What are your aspirations after you defend your thesis?
I plan to continue research as a post-doc and then move on to a position where I can teach and conduct research at the human-wildlife interface, both domestically and abroad.

Why did you choose the UMN CVM?
After receiving a Master of Public Health degree in environmental health, I knew I wanted to expand my training in disease transmission at the human-wildlife interface. Once I learned more about the faculty and research projects going on at the UMN CVM, I decided the Veterinary Medicine Graduate Program would be the perfect place to continue my training.

This feature is a part of a series for Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week (April 1-7), a national event that seeks to emphasize the contributions, impact, and value of graduate and professional students on campuses throughout the United States.