Youcai Bie

Youcai Bie

Dr. Youcai BieYoucai (Campo) Bie, Guangdong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection


Dr. Bie is a full-time Ph.D. in Resource and Environment of South China Agricultural University, distinguished professor of Rural Practical Talents Leadership and College Student Village Training Section of the Ministry of Agriculture, review expert of pollution control by Guangdong Provincial Agricultural and Rural Office, review expert of environment impact assessment department of Guangdong Province, and expert of Guangdong Swine Industry Association Expert Committee. He has served as a consultant for several farming companies including Dongrui, Han Shiwei, Riquan, Jinlin and Antai. The main research contents are as follows: 1. comprehensive utilization and ultimate standard treatment of wastewater from farms; 2. solid waste “three-way” treatment including manure; 3. digestion of antibiotics in pig farm wastewater and solid waste; 4. pig farm waste Heavy metal removal; 5, purification of unorganized emission gas from pig farms; 6. comprehensive treatment of rural wastewater and standard technology. More than 400 farms have been visited and provided services, and more than 60 lectures have been given to government agencies, large groups, industry organizations, and large-scale exhibitions. He has conducted many academic reports in Zhejiang University and other research institutes. In practice, he has provided comprehensive technical services for breeding and environmental protection for a large number of breeding enterprises, and guided the construction of more than 30 projects for comprehensive treatment of manure pollution.