Poster Session

Call for Poster Presentation

The conference features a poster session for participants to present their ideas, research, and development activities in areas covered by the event topics. A poster display place of 4 feet by 4 feet will be provided for each poster presentation. Posters will be displayed during the two-day event.

All registrants are eligible to submit a poster. Young researchers and graduate students are especially encouraged to submit and present posters at the Leman-China Swine Conference. The poster session will be an important opportunity to build your knowledge and network with attendees from diverse sectors of the swine industry.

Poster Submission

All poster presenters need to register for the conference. Suggested poster components include as abstract, materials and methods, key findings, conclusions, industry implications, etc. However, other format is also acceptable depending on the contents presented.

Recommended poster language is English. Poster in Chinese with English abstract are also accepted.

Please follow these instructions to submit a poster abstract:


  • Single page, one inch margins, two columns Word document
  • Times New Roman font, 11 point
  • Headings must include title, authors, and affiliations (centered)
  • Single space, blank line between paragraphs
  • No page numbers

Submission Deadline; August 31, 2020

Submit via email to Frank Liu, [email protected]. All submissions are due August 31 via email and are subsequently reviewed by an academic committee. Authors are notified if their abstract is accepted for poster presentation by September 15. Acceptance of abstract does not include complimentary conference registration. All accepted abstracts will be printed as an addendum to the conference proceedings.


大会将设墙报展示,为作者提供向与会者报告科技创新、研究开发成果、及新思维的平台。墙报内容参见会议主题。墙报在整个会议期间展示。每张墙报背板尺寸为1.2 米 X 1.2 米。



所有墙报报告人都需要会议注册。建议墙报格式包含摘要、材料与方法、主要发现、结论、行业价值等部分。但如果墙报内容非学术研究, 其它格式也可以接受。

建议墙报语言为英文, 但是也接受配有英文摘要的中文墙报


  • 单页,边缘2.5cm 空白,两栏的Word文档。
  • 新罗马字体,11号字
  • 标题必须包括题名,作者以及单位(居中)
  • 一倍行距,段落之间空行
  • 不需要页码


通过电子邮件提交至 刘爱民 邮箱:[email protected] 墙报论文摘要需在8月31日前提交。学术委员会将对摘要进行评审, 如果摘要入选墙报展示,我们将于9月15日之前告知作者。参加会议墙报展示需要按正规程序注册参会。所有入选的摘要将收录在会刊中。

poster session