Nestle Purina Memories Garden

The bond between people and their pets is special – and unique. Our pets enrich our lives every day, in obvious and subtle ways. Whether it is an affectionate rub from your purring cat, or the concerned look you get from your dog, pets provide warmth and companionship just when we need it most. Over the years, a very special relationship develops. When the time comes, it can be difficult and painful to say goodbye.

Honor your pet with a brick in the Memories Garden

Memories Garden viewing brickLocated near the Veterinary Medical Center, this small, secluded garden serves to celebrate the memories of all animals that have touched a human life. The Garden gives pet owners private outdoor space for contemplation or to spend quiet time with their pets while at the VMC. The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center invites you to purchase a brick engraved with your own special inscription honoring your pet’s life and your special relationship. 

With a gift of $250 or $500 (depending on brick size), a brick engraved with your unique inscription will become a permanent part of the garden. You will receive:

  • Engraved brick in memorial garden
  • Memorial certificate
  • Profiles, the College of Veterinary Medicine magazine

Memories Garden Brick Form

Please fill out your contact information and details of your desired brick/s in the form below. This is the first step to ordering your Memorial brick. After this form is submitted, a member of the CVM development team will contact you with next steps.

Memories garden brick form

If you have any questions, please contact:

Elizabeth Baur
College of Veterinary Medicine
Phone: 612-624-7204
Email: [email protected]