Graduate Student Fellowships

In addition to support from advisors and research grants, you may compete for fellowships dedicated toward specific research areas or goals.

Federal Training Fellowships

NIH T32 Program in Comparative Medicine and Pathology

Directed by Dr. Cathy Carslon ([email protected]) his award is exclusively for DVMs and supports PhD training in comparative biosciences. Training faculty are assembled from across the University and research addresses a wide range of topics including cancer biology, genetics, immunology, and infectious diseases. Requires US citizenship. Click here for more information.

USDA National Needs Fellowship in Avian Health and Poultry Production

This new three-year program seeks 2 PhD and 2 Master’s for study in poultry production. Specific areas of investigation include genomics, infectious diseases, and nutrition. Interested PhD students must have completed a BA, BS, MS, or DVM degree. Requires US citizenship or permanent residency. Contact Dr. Kent Reed, Director at [email protected] or click here for the program website.

NIH Training Grant in NeuroImmune Pharmacology

This training grant supports students studying aspects of behavior, neurobiology, and immunology, particularly as it relates to infection and drug addiction. Requires US citizenship or permanent residency. Click here for more information.

Collegiate Fellowships

Samuel K Maheswaran Fellowship

Named in honor of Dr. Maheswaran’s 40+ year career in the CVM, this award supports PhD training in food animal infectious diseases, immunology, and vaccinology. Students may conduct basic or translational research to enhance the welfare and production of beef or dairy cattle, pigs, turkeys, or chickens. Fellows must have passed qualifying exams to be eligible.

Carlos Pijoan Fellowship in Swine Medicine

This fellowship honors the memory of Dr. Carlos Pijoan, an internationally recognized expert in porcine infectious diseases. Fellows will work in interdisciplinary teams to address infectious diseases, biosecurity, population health, or epidemiology. A DVM or equivalent degree is required.

Pomeroy Legacy Fellowship

Named in honor of Dr. Ben Pomeroy, a pioneering researcher and educator in the US turkey industry, this fellowship supports graduate students in avian health research mentored by the Pomeroy Chair. Areas of emphasis include avian influenza and infectious agent epidemiology.

MnDRIVE Fellowships in Global Food Systems

These one year fellowships include interdisciplinary professional development support to advance your understanding of our complex and interconnected food production, processing, and safety systems. Students must be conducting research in an area related to food animal health and production.

WTS Thorp Memorial Scholarship

This multi-year Scholarship supports PhD training in veterinary diagnostics and pathology in immunology, cancer biology, epidemiology, and infectious diseases. Students must hold a prior DVM or equivalent degree.