Canvas Heading

You can log into Canvas by going to MyU and clicking on the teaching tab or you can go to to log in to Canvas directly. For more information on using Canvas, OIT's Canvas self help guides provide a detailed list of tutorials.

Academic and Student Affairs offer monthly Canvas Camp sessions where instructors can view presentations on differnt Canvas topics and ask questions. See the Canvas Camp tab below.

Would you like to test something out in Canvas using a development site? You can get a Canvas development site by logging into Canvas, clicking the Help icon on the left and then choosing "Course Request (Non-academic)." The development site will appear at the bottom of your Canvas dashboard.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].

Canvas at the CVM

Who can help me?

Instructional technologists from your department are available to help you with all things related to Canvas and can be reached by email below:


Canvas FAQ's

Are there any Canvas guides available? Canvas Instructor guide | Create and Organize content

How can I add files to my course?

How can I link to other areas of my course?

How do quizzes in Canvas work?

What are some best practices for online examinations?

How do I create assignments in Canvas?

How do I copy content from another Canvas course?


CVM Rotations

Who do I contact for Canvas support for my rotation?

 Jenna Carlson ([email protected]) is the main contact for CVM rotation Canvas courses. 


How can I get to my rotation Canvas site?

  1. Log into Canvas by going to
  2. Click "Courses" in the global Canvas navigation and then "View all courses"
  3. Look for your rotation name and desired year (Fall 2022, Spring 2023, etc) 
  4. If your course is not visible contact Jenna to enroll you


Rotation Blocks and rotation weeks (Canvas calls blocks "Sections")

In general, rotations are divided into blocks that happen every 2 weeks. You can use the CVM rotation blocks calendar to reference which blocks happen when. If you'd like to add this to your own Google calendar, click the link in the lower right of the calendar that says +Google Calendar.


How do I email students inside of Canvas?

  1. Click the "Inbox" icon to the left to access the Conversations area of Canvas
  2. Click the "Compose a new message" icon to open the message box
  3. Select the course you'd like to receive a message
  4. In the "To" field select the users you'd like to communicate with using the icon to the right
    • Teachers will send a message to anyone enrolled in the course under the Teacher role

    • Students will send a message to every student enrolled in the course across all sections

    • Course Sections will send a message to the section of your choosing if there are multiple sections in your course

    •  If you've set up Student Groups you can choose to send a message this way as well

  5. Enter your subject and message and click Send at the bottom 

This sends a message to students in Canvas and to their UMN email. They will see that it's from Canvas and from the course that you've chosen.

Warning: The course will have to be published for students to receive course emails


Canvas Camp

Canvas Camp College of Veterinary Medicine

Canvas Camp is a group of interactive Zoom sessions that go over some of the more advanced functions of Canvas. The sessions are currently happening on the last  Thursday of the month at Noon. 

Please email Ryan Rupprecht ([email protected]) if interested. Anyone can self enroll in the Canvas Camp course we will be using to provide examples during the Zoom sessions.