Students practicing veterinary work at vet camp


VetCamp is an interactive education program for high school students in grades 9-12, who are interested in learning more about the field of veterinary medicine as a career. The hands-on learning activities are developed and taught by students at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, with sponsorship from the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Upcoming Events

At this time there will be no scheduled events for Summer 2021. Please check back again next spring for Summer 2022 dates, and join our digital mailing list to receive notifications for upcoming VetCamp events.


When is the next camp, and how can I sign up?

Join the digital mailing list to be notified when new dates are added to the website for registration. New dates for registration will be added to this website periodically, depending on the veterinary student schedules. We attempt to hold one camp in the Fall semester, and one camp in Spring semester. Over the summer there are 2-3 camps per month. These dates are determined in late spring. Join our digital mailing list to be notified when new dates are added to the website for registration.

Who can attend VetCamp?

Our activity modules are currently geared toward high school age students. Some of our activities ask the participants to draw on their high school science or anatomy knowledge. Please contact us if you have a younger student who would like to attend.

How long is the camp?

Self-hosted camps that take place on campus, are 3 hours. Times vary for break-out camps taking place in partnership with outside organizations.

High school student participating in a VetCamp event.

What will I do at camp?

VetCamp coordinators have created several modules of activities to rotate and choose from, depending on time. Below are a few of the most popular activities.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure - Participants work through an emergency case on our simulation dog, "Molly". 
  • Careers Game - Participants work in teams to dress up as the correct "veterinarian" needed for a case. Follow up questions test, and teach participants about the many different fields of veterinary medicine.
  • Toxicology Board - Participants learn about foods and other household items that are toxic to dogs.
  • Q & A Time - We always leave time at the end of camp for participants to ask questions of the veterinary students. 

Is there a fee?

The registration fee for our self hosted camps is $15. Particiants who demonstrate financial need, can contact us to request a fee wavier.

Additional questions?
Please contact us at [email protected]

Digital Mailing List

Please fill out this form to be added to the VetCamp Digital Mailing List. Email notifications will be sent to the mailing list when new camp dates are opened for registration.