Taylor Homann

Taylor HomannInterest area: Swine
Hometown: Pipestone, Minn.
Undergrad, minor: University of Minnesota Twin Cities, animal science
Year in vet school: Third

What made you interested in veterinary medicine?

I grew up showing pigs in 4H and FFA. I also grew up working for the local vet clinic in my hometown, Pipestone Veterinary Services, doing odd jobs and helping vaccinate weaned pigs for local farmers. I became interested in veterinary medicine because I really like using science to solve applicable, real-world problems. In veterinary medicine you are applying your science knowledge every day that you’re in the field—you’re not just sitting behind a desk.

Why did you decide to apply to VetFAST?

If you are interested in food-animal veterinary medicine, applying to VetFAST is a no-brainer.  I came to the U as a biology student planning to pursue a masters in public health. After realizing that dealing with people and the culture of public health was not as good of a fit for me, I transferred to animal science and applied for VetFAST. The animal science major had a more similar culture to what I grew up with and liked.

How has participating in VetFAST influenced your time at the U of M?

VetFAST saved me so much time and money by allowing me to focus on the classes that were important to being a good swine vet  I also liked that, while VetFAST allowed me to get a jumpstart on veterinary school while most of my lifelong college friends were still in undergrad, I could still live and hang out with them because I was still on the St. Paul campus.

How did you acclimate to a big-city setting after coming from your hometown?

I think a lot of potential candidates for the program are probably choosing to go to college in more rural settings because it’s more similar to the culture they are used to, it’s not in the big city. But what they don’t know is that on the St. Paul campus at the U of M, you don’t have to interact with the city everyday. You can deal with just campus all week and then you can go buy groceries on Sunday and that’s your only interaction. Or you can engage with it more often, if you want. It’s up to you. I have really enjoyed living in a big city because you have the opportunity to do something different everyday, there’s always new food to try, something new going on.