Nate Bos

Nate BosInterest area: Dairy
Hometown: Luverne, Minn.
Undergrad, major: U of M Twin Cities, animal science
Year in vet school: Fourth

What made you interested in dairy veterinary medicine?

Most of my family is involved in the dairy or beef industry in some way, so I have a strong background in it. From a young age, I worked with cattle and other livestock on our farm and in 4-H. That’s where I gained my passion for food animal agriculture and veterinary medicine.

I am passionate about dairy and beef cattle because of the important role they play in our society. They take resources that humans cannot utilize—and would otherwise be wasted—and transform them into quality protein sources such as meat and milk. The fact that I can help provide safe and nutritious high-quality food to people is what I like most about food animal veterinary medicine. I also like using data and records to impact management decisions and make farms more profitable and efficient.

How did you hear about VetFAST?

I was in high school when I decided I wanted to go to vet school. I was looking into options online and that’s where I found VetFAST. I saw that it aligned exactly with my career goals so it made sense to get involved. I was also considering South Dakota State University but the VetFAST program helped draw me to the University of Minnesota.

How was your education impacted by the VetFAST scholarship?

Having the knowledge that I was in VetFAST as I was working through undergrad helped me focus on the classes that set me up to be successful in vet school.

VetFAST has also been a great investment in my future career. Throughout undergrad, I did many internships with Genex, Riverview, Zoetis, and various vet clinics—having VetFAST on my resume helped show the places I was applying to that I was serious about food animal agriculture. And the scholarships I have received through VetFAST have been extremely helpful, as far as financial security and looking to the future are concerned.

What is your favorite part of the program?

When I was in undergrad, VetFAST did a great job of connecting me to older vet students in the program who could answer my questions. It gave me a really good idea of what to expect in vet school. Then, when I was in vet school I did the same thing for the undergrad students in the program and it was interesting being on the other side of that. I think the mentoring aspect of helping the younger VetFAST students is a really helpful thing the program provides. And it was really fun to recognize their faces when they became first years.