Craig Gapinski

Craig GapinskiInterest area: Beef and dairy
Hometown: St. Cloud, Minn.
Undergrad, minor: University of Minnesota Crookston, animal science
Year in vet school: Fourth

What made you interested in veterinary medicine?

I grew up on my grandparents farm and we raised a variety of animals, but mostly cattle. I always enjoyed the health aspect of their care. I knew I wanted to be a large animal vet because I wanted to work with farmers. Food animal veterinary medicine is a great way to help farmers meet their goals and get to be around animals.

How did you hear about VetFAST?

I originally heard about it when I started looking into places where I would go for undergrad and apply to vet school. I was looking at the U of M website and found it there. I looked into different ways I could go about that.

What made you want to apply?

I guess it seemed like a program that fit my desire to be a food animal vet. It was helpful too that it was a way for me to finish my undergrad a little quicker just by working harder to wrap up my pre-requisites to start vet school early. Saving a year of tuition also helps a lot because the student debt load for us vets gets pretty high, so saving a year was a big factor.

How did the program shape your education?

The program has definitely impacted my life and my education and I am very grateful to have been a part of it. I ended up going up to the U of M Crookston campus because I am more of a small-town person so I enjoyed the feel of Crookston better than the Twin Cities. It ended up being a really good fit for me. I think it’s really great that they started allowing the Morris and Crookston campuses into the program because it allowed me to go to a place where i could feel more comfortable studying just in my everyday life and school.

How did you acclimate to the St. Paul campus?

I was really concerned about the St. Paul campus when I first came to the Twin Cities, but it’s been a pretty good transition because we stay on campus most of the time, so it has that small school feel. You get to know the people in your class and the College’s culture does have a kind of small town feel to it.