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In our current student sections you'll find course schedules, helpful forms, university resources, and information about academic policies. For questions about the DVM program please contact the Academic and Student Affairs office. Questions about the MS and PhD programs can be directed to Samantha Redmond

Many of your classes this semester will be offered in either an online or a blended format as part of the University’s efforts to keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips and helpful resources to help you succeed.

Important information for University of Minnesota students taking online courses

Our commitment to diversity

Below is a list of resources available to support our diverse student population to help uphold our value to provide an environment and climate that fosters safety and academic and professional success for our diverse community.

University of Minnesota Graduate School/on campus centralized resources

Local BIPOC networking groups

Find a BIPOC veterinary mentor

The CVM’s Alumni Relations office is working to build a list of BIPOC alumni who are available to mentor VetLEAD students. To find out more, contact Kris Hayden, [email protected]

Therapy and counseling 

Individual counselors recommended by CVM students

Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing guide

To serve our students and community, the team at the Bakken Center has developed a Student Wellbeing Guide that we invite you to explore and share. This guide features tips and strategies to help students focus on their wellbeing as they start the new semester.

Student Wellbeing Handbook

The Student Well-Being Handbook is a resource to help students restore and maintain a sense of well-being when confronted with academic challenges, financial, physical or emotional stress or health issues, and sudden developments in our personal lives that may threaten happiness, success, or well-being.

Navigating Minnesota winters

Anyone wishing to bring a personal pet to the CVM for reasons other than medical care, boarding, or approved teaching (with permission from instructor) must obtain a permit from the Pet Policy Committee. Learn more