VBS Prion Team Proposes to Develop Rapid Testing Device for CWD in Deer

March 27, 2019
Peter Larsen

Responding to all those who are concerned about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), the innovative, collaborative team headed by Assistant Professor Peter Larsen addressed state lawmakers's call to provide a better tool to assess the risk of CWD in Minnesota. Other team members include VBS Professor Pamela Skinner, VCS Assistant Professor Davis Seelig, VDL Assistant Professor Jeremy Schefers, and Electrical/Computer Engineering Professor Sang-Hyun Oh

"That’s what drives our team, and is what occupies my mind when meeting stakeholders and thinking of this new test." -Dr. Peter Larsen

The team addressed the real-world urgency to identify, in realtime, the spread of CWD across the landscape of Minnesota. From the deer farmer trying to make a living, to the hunter trying to feed a family, the livelihood of many people in MN and beyond are at risk because of CWD.

-Professor Kathleen Boris-Lawrie, VBS Department Chair

 Please click here to learn more about the journey of the CWD team and their aim to reach $1.8M in MN state funding.
(Pictured above is photo of Dr. Peter Larsen testifying infront of MN State Senate Committee at the State Capitol in Saint Paul, MN)